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Bringing pop culture to the cane fields. Saturday 5 August 2017 10am to 6pm!

Alisha Jade

Thanks to the Mackay Council and RADF grant, we are bringing three additional comic creators to Mackay to host workshops for those interested in creating their own comics.

Alisha Jade is a Brisbane-based comics creator and the unstoppable force behind Oh My! Comics. Her major series, Seven has been serialised in Oi Oi Oi magazine and her minicomics works are being distributed internationally by Sparkler Distro. Her work has also featured in several anthologies, including Fly the Colour Fantastica and as part of the Liedekijn exhibition. Organiser of several local launches and Brisbane’s Minicomicon, Alisha also manages¬†, and hopes to add more and more to it every year. For her community work, Alisha was also awarded this year’s Platinum Ledger Award.

Oh My!’s newest title is a collaboration between Alisha and formerly Brisbane based Caitlin Major of Space Pyrates, called Seeds of Svalbard. A motley group of women on a quest to save their village across the North Atlantic, Svalbard is a post-apocalyptic comic with for young adults and adventure fans! The first full colour chapter will be available at Sugar City, along with this year’s new releases. Alisha is also organising and editing a new anthology that will be crowdfunded later this year. One day she’ll slow down, but not just yet.

Alisha will be taking part in our series on comic creating at the SCC workshops!