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Bringing pop culture to the cane fields. Saturday 5 August 2017 10am to 6pm!

Matt Kyme

Next up for our RADF guests is Matt Kyme! Matt Kyme is a Melbourne based comic writer/artist. In 2013 he founded IF? COMMIX with author Andrez Bergen as an outlet for our first Collaboration ‘Tales to Admonish.’ Since then Matt has released a number of comics and graphic novels including a second and third issue of ‘Tales to Admonish’ and four issues of his original ongoing superhero series ‘That Bulletproof Kid’. Matt’s writing and/or art has appeared in Carmen, Bullet Gal, Decay, Retro Sci-Fi, Gaining – Velocity Darker Forces and Melbourne Comics Quarterly.

Matt will be hosting a workshop on how to create art for comics so be sure look for that in our workshop area!