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Bringing pop culture to the cane fields. Saturday 5 August 2017 10am to 6pm!


Cosplay Comp 2016


The Cosplay Competition features again in 2016, thank you to Mackay Regional Council. To enter, complete the attached form and bring it with you.

We have some exciting prizes on offer.

Cosplay Comp Application Form


Here are the general cosplay rules, these rules supersede all other rules including those who messaged us asking about metal weapons and replica firearms.

What Can I Wear??
Ladies and Gentlemen please when coming to a convention or to any public place always ask yourself: would I wear it to the beach? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be wearing it to a convention. Sugar City Con is a family and fans orientated event; there will be young children about. So if you are wearing anything less than what is considered or deemed appropriate, please consider those who will be around you and cover up before someone asks you too. If your cosplay is deemed too inappropriate and you aren’t covering up you will be asked to leave the convention. Sugar City aims to have a fun, safe and family orientated event that is considered safe for all ages.

Cosplay Isn’t Consent
If during your time in Cosplay you are getting harassed by a convention attendee/photographer/guest please let one of our friendly volunteers know. They will be dressed in a Sugar City T-Shirt. Bullying, harassment from anyone isn’t tolerated or assault of participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any venue, including talks. Participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event without a refund at the discretion of the organisers, or authorities may be contacted.
The definitions of harassment extend to all patrons, performers, media practitioners, exhibitors, contractors, workers & volunteers, venue staff, and celebrity guests. Harassment from or towards anyone, anywhere, is not acceptable.

All Sugar City attendees, exhibitors and staff must comply with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations regarding weapons, imitation weapons and props, as well as their usage.
Attendees are reminded that while travelling to and from the event, to make sure due care is taken on your behalf to ensure any weapons or props, which could cause public alarm, are stored in bag or in a storage container.
Sugar City attendees are not permitted to possess or bring to the convention grounds any actual weapons. All attendees must be aware that each state has different rules to different items which can be carried. For more detailed descriptions and definitions of banned items, please check the government’s weapons act for the State involved. Unlawful possession of weapons is an offence and local authorities will be contacted.
There are mandatory inspections performed by Sugar City staff or security staff for all Convention attendees with any type of non-firearm weapon, replica or props. Please remember that Metal props or weapons are strictly prohibited on convention grounds.
DISCLAIMER: Weapons and Props required to be cloaked are done so at the owner’s risk. While every care is taken to make sure that items brought to or at the event are safe, Sugar City takes no responsibility for any damage dealt to props, weapons or cosplay items either on the person, or kept in the weapons check-in desk.

– One Metre (1m) Length Restriction: All props and weapons cannot be over 1m in length inside the convention. However there is no length restriction outside the venue in common public areas such as convention centre lobbies and showground outdoor areas. When you are going inside the Sugar City Con event, visit Cosplay HQ to check-in your prop or weapon where you can collect them from any time you need them.
– No Actual firearms: These include bb/airsoft, modern, hunting or historic, either functioning or de-commissioned.
-No Replica firearms: Anything that is designated a replica made from metal, solid resin/plastic/rubber is not to be brought onto Convention grounds.
-Toy/Prop Guns require Orange Tips: These are required to have orange safety tips at all times on convention grounds, however they can be removable for photography or competition purposes as long as they are re-attached when moving around the convention. They may not be made out of any prohibited material listed for replica weapons including metal.
-No firing projectiles: Props or weapons capable of firing any projectile of any kind are prohibited.
-No utilising of powder charge or flammable fuel: Props or weapons that utilise a powder charge are prohibited, including cap guns. So too are any items that contain flammable fuel (liquid or gas).
-Nerf guns must be unloaded: Nerf guns, Nerf bows and other foam dart guns (including modified versions) are allowed, but must be unloaded – foam darts/projectiles are prohibited on convention grounds.
-No functional bows/slingshots/crossbows: Real, functioning bows, slingshots and crossbows are not permitted on convention grounds. Non-functional prop versions are permitted provided they are not over the length limit, not made of metal and have no high-tensile stringing. Real arrows and other items used in bows or slingshots are also prohibited, however prop arrows are permitted provided they not made of prohibited material such as metal and carbon fibre, are securely attached to your costume and not loose at any time.
-No Laser Pointers: If you have a laser pointer in your prop or weapon, make sure it cannot function (e.g. removing the batteries). If you are seen to be using a Laser Pointer anywhere within the Convention, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the event.
-No Metal Weapons or Props: Due to the weight and the sharp edges involved with metal items, these are not permitted at Sugar City Con. Items bought at Sugat City Con which are metal must remain in packaging until you leave the expo site. This includes all Cast, Laser Cut and Forged props of any kind. Example prohibited materials: Steel, Aluminium, Bronze, Copper and Brass. Props included but are not limited to: Shields, Swords/Daggers/Knives and Poles/Rods.
Metal armour is allowable, however can have no sharp edges or points that could cause harm to a person (including yourself), or damage to equipment, structures or environment.
-No active martial arts weapons: Examples include nunchaku, throwing stars and any weapon made for actual martial arts combat. Prop versions are allowed as long as they are not made of metal or have sharp points or edges.
-Avoid excessive weight: Props and weapons with an excessive weight are subject to approval by the Sugar City Con weapons check-in team at the Cosplay HQ. There is no set weight limit, however, if it is deemed to be too heavy or unsafe, it will be requested that the item is presented to weapons check-in for the duration of the event.
If the items are not approved during inspection, they are prohibited on convention grounds. Non-approved items must be securely stored in the attendee’s hotel room, vehicle or home.

How can I tell if my weapon is considered a replica?
A replica weapon is classified as an exact reproduction of a real weapon, can be easily or rightfully mistaken for a real weapon, and/or possess no obvious features that distinguish it from an illegal or prohibited weapon.
Depending on your state legislation, you may require an authority to possess (permit) a replica weapon; however, possession of a permit does not allow the item to be permitted at Sugar City Con.
Toys or props made to look like a real weapon, but cannot be mistaken for a working firearm or weapon and does not have the ability function as a firearm, are permitted. Where there is a strong resemblance to a real firearm, an orange safety cap is required.
As there is an obvious requirement for personal judgement in many cases, whether by security, staff or other patrons, the requirement for weapon check-in, or weapon alteration (to include an orange/yellow tip to the weapon, or removal of sharp edges) may be advised on a case by case basis. All patrons and exhibitors are requested to comply with the request of staff, as per the terms and conditions of entry to the event.
Important Legal Stuff
Sugar City Con will not be held legally responsible or liable for any misconduct, damages, injuries or death resulting from the actions of any SCC attendee. Any inappropriate behaviour or misconduct by any attendee will be not be tolerated by SCC or local authorities. Please use your best judgment and discretion by refraining from swinging weapons around, as there is always the possibility of injuring other convention attendees.


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